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My name is Michele Colonna

Advisor | Collector | Co-Founder at Àrthropo | Principal at Colonna NFT Advisory | Writer & Podcaster at Scrapbook

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About Me

I'm a long-time contemporary art collector and aficionado focusing on the African-American experience. I also collect folk art. For the last three years, I've been an active member of the digital art community as a collector and advisor. I have a global network of artists, fellow collectors, and builders with solid relationships with some of the most influential artists. I've co-founded Àrthropo, a digital fine art platform centered around monthly thematic drops, supported by some of the most prominent collectors in the space. I write about digital art in my newsletter Scrapbook which also features a podcast companion where I interview some of the most celebrated artists and personalities in the digital art world. Feel free to drop me a line.


Michele Colonna


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