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The last 2 years have been the most transformational and consequential years of my lifetime. I've literally experienced the laying of the foundation for what will prove to be the most impactful technology for years to come. Blockchains developments, deFi protocols proliferation, NFT marketplace expansion, are all examples of the core W3b (Web 3.0) infrastructure being built that will ultimately redefine the way we work, engage, communicate and experience/consume media.

With the successful @beeple auction at Christie's, the 5 lot CryptoPunk sale at Sotheby's and the most recent successful BAYC sale also at Sotheby's, Digital art has nothing left to prove. The digital Rubicon has been crossed and we're not going back. Sure, the approach ebbs and flows between generative art and 1/1 but the essence is unassailable as we haven't even begun to scratch the surface of what art could be and look like.

There already is an established, talented and incredibly innovative cadre of digital artists, approaching their career with the most rigorous of discipline albeit with a completely modern approach, informed by their digital-native condition. The commitment to community and the building of communities borders on the obsession but it allows for an eco-system of support for the artist and the community. The scene is an anthropologist dream, rich with linguistic texture, visual iconography, cultural referencing and dystopian visions.

It's this fascinating space that I help collectors and institutions navigate and make sense of, by providing the know-how, research and knowledge while providing interested collectors with an entry point to this incredible space. Many skeptics still dismiss the platform as ephemeral and as "just a bunch of jpegs", but then again, so were Andy's Brillo boxes. One could go to any Super Duper market and get however many Brillo boxes they liked. But they were not Andy's Brillo boxes. Art, throughout the years, has always challenged the notion of what it is, always redefining and reinventing its meaning and essence. Digital art continues building on that tradition and ushers in the next iteration as defined by the Metaverse.

I look forward to working with you and help you build your very own NFT collection. 

Michele Colonna


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@unvoluntarymovement | Self-Portrait | Collected 7/5/2021

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@__AD_AD__ | Banana | Collected on 8/30/2021

@unvoluntarymovement | Lost in the Data Flow | Collected 7/4/2021 

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@__AD_AD__ | Berlin Mauer | Collected 8/30/2021 

White Stains.png

@IsolationistThe | White Stains | Collected 8/29/2021