NFT Marketing


As a brand, As a Marketer, today. If Blockchain is not a core component of your brand strategy, than you're managing for the past.

Areas of Expertise

The Crypto Eco-system

The future is community. Whether DAOs, Marketplaces or NFT franchises, communities are the heart and soul of the crypto eco-system and are quickly scaling up for broader adaptation re-inventing the go-to-market approach.

Virtual Reality

One of the fastest growing spaces in Web 3, VR presents huge on-boarding opportunities for legacy brands into the Metaverse. A new approach, that requires considerable know-how and experience that spans technology,  platforms, digital products/wearables, space design etc.

NFT Project Ideation/Mgmt

Colonna NFT Advisory is here to provide expert help and support for developer teams and brands in crafting long-term startegies aimed at maximizing potential of NFT projects, with an eye towards building revenue streams beyond digital art.

Web 3.0 Strategy

We believe that GTM strategies as we know them, are well on their way towards obsoletion, supplanted by new approaches rooted in DAO governance and powered by communities. Informed by blockchain technology that re-imagines what it means to engage successfully with a marketplace today.

Blockchains are making the world turn upside down. From top-down to bottom-up:

- DAOs: bottom up organizations

- NFTs: bottom up media

- DeFI: bottom up finance

- Ethereum: bottom up Internet

- Bitcoin: bottom up value

@awrigh01 Aaron Wright, Professor at Cardozo School of Law